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 Global Silver Angels


The Challenge: How can we exposure our youths to the new wonders of the world of innovation and technology; and engage our community at the same time? 


The Program: 

  • Young boys and girls, from form 4 to post university, who have shown signs of system leadership and engagement, are matched with successful entrepreneurs from around the world who have changed the game for many.  

  • Each young person must fulfil critical tests to qualify, including answering 5 tough questions, and set aside a small percentage to support their cause at Invotech. Engagement is long term, for exposure, and for opening mindsets. 

  • Each angel must have promised their time, efforts, and are dedicated to transforming the youth at their local location, and another in Hong Kong.  Angel may teach English or sit on the boards of start-ups.  Angel should be over 55 years of age. 

Supporting Organisations: Urban Renewal Authority, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.  


Champion: Dr Gregg Li (

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