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Investing in Outer Space - Hong Kong's Next Frontier in 2020?

This whitepaper ( has been written for investors and associates of SinoAlpha Ventures, new to the discussion of investing in outer space. Space provides unprecedented new business opportunities for Hong Kong and is one sector that has been neglected, forgotten, and misunderstood. The paradigm of exploration is changing. Smaller, smarter, and more efficient systems are being developed that could do as well as large, expensive, and heavy systems in the past. Science fiction has become a reality, fuelled by advances in computing, materials, and nanotechnology. Why not Hong Kong?

In this paper we have found that there is a solid business case for introducing this new sector in Hong Kong starting 2020. New job creations, new research (such as in food safety, communication, and light materials), new education program for youngsters (such as in CubeSats), and new supply chains are the opportunities. This is investment for Hong Kong because it gives our youth, hope; while for our start-ups, many new scalar opportunities. In fact, if Hong Kong can get a CubeSat off the ground by the end of 2020, we will be able to demonstrate to the world that Hong Kong still has the can-do spirit in abundance.

The paper has been compiled from a select pool of interviewees, open papers, and secondary research. Along the way, more questions have been raised than answered, we believe. This paper is only the beginning of a new journey and should readers like this paper, we may explore deeper and broader subjects, exploring answers to this question: what can a tiny city like Hong Kong possess and contribute to the global Space value chain that has become the new game? How can investors participate? Likewise,

• Where are the investment opportunities? Risks?

• How can this Space Industry be further developed here? What indeed is the role of Hong Kong, Greater Bay, China, the US, and other countries? How can Hong Kong play a part in this industry? Where and how should we begin in Hong Kong?

• Where is Hong Kong’s equivalent of NASA? What is required is a new government department to spearhead such initiatives across multiple stakeholders?

• How by investing in NewSpace can we build on Hong Kong’s unique strengths?

• Can Hong Kong build small satellites, e.g., CubeSats and an educational program on how to design, build, fly, and reuse CubeSats?

• How has Hong Kong fallen so far behind, when places like Nepal has CubeSats put together by high school students?

• What are the possible next steps in 2020?

Please find the whitepaper below:

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