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Smarter Hong Kong 2018 Series Workshops

Why are we doing this?

A Smart City needs to be a connected city, but a “Smarter” city knows how and when to connect.  Hong Kong is far from being connected. Now is time to connect our Smart Citizens with Smart Global Experts, and contribute to grounding our Smart City.Through a series of half-day talks each month, Invotech with our supporting partners brings the world of innovation and technology to Hong Kong and exposes Hong Kong to the world.  
Such workshops are building and creating Smart Buildings, Smart Living, Smart Communities, and Smart Citizens. Let’s make Hong Kong into a more competitive city, and let’s have fun upgrading the quality of living while we become smarter. 


26 Jan 2018    

23 Feb 2018   


22 Mar 2018


20 Apr 2018

25 May 2018

27 Jul 2018

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