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Invotech is about engagement.  Our members get involved and are committed to a smart Hong Kong through action and dialogue. As such, any member who can find six others, with the endorsement of the Board, will be able to establish a Special Interest Group (SIG) to address a "How do we" question.

Smart Angels

Convener: Dr Gregg Li

"How do we connect seasoned entrepreneurs with our youths?"

Smart Community

Convener: Mr. Winston Lam

"How do we bring people closer in a connected world?"

Smart Crypto

Convener: Mr. Eddie Chou

"How do we deal with cryptocurrencies?"

Smart Education

Convener: Mr. Fletcher Ng

"How do we nurture smart citizens?"

Smart Finance

Convener: Mr. Richard Leung

"How do we alleviate the regulatory burdens on Fintech?"

Smart Food

Convener: Ms. Susan Evans

"How do we ensure nutritious and safe food?"

Smart Governance

Convener: Dr. Henry Au

"How do we make the government ask the right questions?"

Smart Health

Convener: Dr Renu Bhatia

"How do we live happier?"

Smart Insurance

Convener: Mr. Ronald Lai

"How do we drive insurance cost down?"

Please write to about forming or joining a SIG

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